The Heermance Memorial Library is located at 1 Ely Street. 1 Ely Street is at the west end of Reed Street in downtown Coxsackie.
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Heermance Memorial Library
1 Ely Street
Coxsackie, NY 12051
Phone 518-731-8084
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About the Library:

The mission of the Heermance Memorial Library is to inspire lifelong learning and to support and enhance the cultural and recreational needs of our community.
The Heermance Memorial Library was chartered by the N. Y. S. Board of Regents on March 12, 1908. The library was established according to the terms of the will of Eleanor Christina Heermance. Miss Heermance, a life-long resident of Coxsackie, was born in 1820 and died in 1907. In her will, Miss Heermance bequeathed her home at 1 Ely Street and a trust fund to establish a circulating library for the residents of the Town and its vicinity. This bequest provided residents of Coxsackie a library building and funding for library services for 92 years.
On October 6, 1999 the residents of the Town of Coxsackie voted overwhelmingly to make the Heermance Memorial Library a Special District Library. As a result the Heermance Memorial Library is funded through taxes, which are levied following the annual vote on the budget in October of each year. A new charter was received in 2000. Residents of the Town of Coxsackie vote each year on the library budget and elect 3 members to the Board of Trustees. The library tax is listed as a separate item on the Town of Coxsackie tax bill.
2017 Annual Report to the Community
2016 Annual Report to the Community

Board of Trustees:

Claudine West (President), Tom Silvious (Vice President),  Eileen West (Secretary), Mark Maraglio (Treasurer), Betty Cure, Caitlin Ippolito, Jeffrey Jones, Carol Serazio, Bess Rodgers

2018  Schedule

Meetings (all held at the Library 3rd Thursdays at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted) If the Board cannot meet as scheduled, make-up will be the next Sat 9:30 am at the Library.

2019 Budget Presentation at the Town Board September 11th

Election Date Tuesday October TBD

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Library Policies

Collection Development-3-20-14

Copier-copyright Policy 3-20-14

Confidentiality of library records 8-11-2016

Displays-and-Exhibits-Policy 3-21-13

FOIL Policy 9-6-12

Furniture and Equipment Use Policy 9-6-12

Gift Policy 8-11-2016

Internet Policy 01-21-2016

Law Enforcement Policy 8-11-2016

Library Card and Borrowing Policy 02-22-2018

Meeting Room Policy 2-16-12

Parking Lot Policy 6-15-17

Patron Code of Conduct Policy 02-20-14

Patron Complaint Policy 03-20-2014

Programming Policy-3-20-14

Public posting policy 8-11-2016

Unattended Children Policy 8-11-2016

Volunteer Policy 7-19-18

Wireless Access Policy 5-20-10

3 Year Plan