Art Classes for Kids

Recycled Paper Mache Animals – Art Classes

3 Tuesdays: 9/24, 10/1 & 8 at 12:30 pm

(for home-schooled children)

or      3 Thursdays: 9/26, 10/3 & 10 at 5:30

(open to all kids – after school program)

Artist/instructor: Ruth Leonard
Creating art with recycled materials is a wonderful opportunity for children to use their imaginations with items otherwise destined for a landfill or recycling center. Ms. Leonard will bring examples of various creatures for participants to use as a springboard for their own ideas. Provided will be a variety of items to make an under structure. Paper pulp and paper strips and paste will be added to give volume and shape to the under-structure. Finally they will glue on items such as buttons and bottle caps, and then paint the surface.
  • 3 session program
  • Registration required
  • Children ages 7 to 12