How much did you save at the library?

Help us tell the story of how libraries are a GREAT investment with photos and numbers!

1. Calculate how much you save in a year using the NYLA Library using the Value Calculator:
2. Write that number on a piece of paper
3. Snap a photo of you and/or the whole family holding up the sign
4. Post it to our Facebook page or email it to
If you use hashtags:                                                                                                                                                                       #NYLALAD18 = hashtag for NYLA Library Advocacy Day                                                                       #LibrariesAreEducation = New York Library Association advocacy theme                             #LibrariesAreForEveryone

Let your representative know how important you library is to you. Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget cuts library funding to library systems by 4%. The MidHudson Library system is what enables us to provide the services of a much larger library. Take a look at the history of state funding to libraries.